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Three Important Planning Factors

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Washington Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Choosing a location for your wedding is often difficult. There are so many options, and a few dozen different decisions that will be affected by the location you choose. A good location will meet several requirements, not the least of which is giving the marrying couple their dream wedding. There are many factors to take into consideration, and making a list of them can be useful in narrowing down the options.

How many guest' you want or expect will need to be considered. The number of guests are always the first decider of location, because a small building for a large amount of people will obviously not work. Outdoor weddings are usually more adaptable to any sized wedding, due to the nature of being outdoors. A cathedral or reception hall obviously has a finite size and maximum amount of guests.

Do you envision a large church wedding with archaic sculptures and stained glass windows? Or is an outdoor garden wedding more appealing? Knowing the general location of the reception will make narrowing down the location to one particular place simpler and less time consuming.

The time of year you hold the reception will also have an effect on the types available. A garden wedding will not be available in certain geographical locations after September or before May. If the location is in a hot or humid climate, having an outdoor wedding may make guests uncomfortable or even deter them from coming. In this case, an indoor building with air conditioning is often preferred.

The final factor when choosing a location will be the budget. A huge garden wedding with live bands and enough room to seat several hundred will not be practical for a low budget. Narrowing down the finance available will narrow the locations available and save the bride from disappointment when a location proves too expensive.

These three factors are the determining factor in narrowing the options. However, the want of the marrying couple will ultimately decide which location is used.

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