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What to Wear to Weddings

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Washington Wedding Articles » Wedding Attire

Attending a wedding can often be a lot of fun for many people, especially for family and friends of the happy couple. For many that will be in attendance, though there is a lot of questioning that may lie in what to wear to a wedding. Deciding on what to wear to weddings can be stressful at times, but it does not have to be, especially when there is a basic understanding of what is and is not acceptable to wear to weddings.

For those that are attending a very formal wedding, it is best for the men to wear a suit, or at least a nice button up shirt, a tie and slacks. Women that attend a wedding should often wear a very elegant dress. It should be noted, however, that it is best to never look better than the bridal party, as this is often given as a sign of respect for the bride. Although this is not so much a spoken rule of thumb as much as it is a given rule of respect for the bride, it should be followed, if possible.

Other bride and grooms may ask that those that come to the wedding ceremonies to wear casual wear to the wedding. This is often asked of those that will be attending a wedding that may be outside, or on such a location as a ranch. This is often because many of the brides and grooms want their friends and family to wear what feels comfortable to them at the wedding, instead of making sure that they are all dolled up for the reception.

If there is an uncertainty on what to wear to the wedding, it is often best to ask what will be acceptable. This is so that no one will feel as though there are embarrassed with what they have to wear to the wedding, be it something formal, or something that is laid back and casual. For those that want to wear matching outfits with others that will also be at the party, this is equally important. Deciding what to wear to weddings can be a lot of fun, especially when there are several people that are selecting out outfits together. What to wear to weddings does not have to stressful at all, as the day should be seen as a time where everyone is coming together to celebrate a marriage of love and unity.

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