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Wedding Gown Considerations

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The bridal gown is like no other part of the ceremony. Everyone will look at the bride as she walks slowly down the aisle, and the gown will be the first thing they see. Each picture will record the image of that gown, and it may even be passed down between generations. Choosing a gown that is both stylish and theme oriented is key when shopping of a wedding guest.

Will your dress be new or old? Using a dress handed down from mother to daughter is a tradition that is very common. Wearing a family dress will not mean having to settle with it the way it is. Many brides choose to have an element or two added to the dress to make it uniquely their own. A new sash or bow will mark your special occasion on the gown, in addition to those of mother.

If you are opting for a new dress, decide if you want something simple and modern or more 'dated' and large, or something in between. Traditional wedding dressed are larger in size and more robust. They often have a long skirt and an array of bows, layers, ruffles, and lace. These dresses are very common, and have been used in thousands of weddings over the years.

Modern dresses, however, are becoming more common. Modern dresses are conservative and minimal. They are often less adorned, and offer few extras. These dresses appeal to a wide number or brides. Nearly every store offers both traditional and modern gowns, so if you are unsure, try on both types of dresses until you find one you like.

Shopping around for the right dress is often the favorite part of choosing. There will likely be a dozen or so stores in your local area that specializes in wedding gowns, and many more in outer cities. Some will offer unique and store specific dresses only. Others will only offer mainstream gowns that can be found at a number of locations. Finally, a good number of stores will offer a mixture of both of these. If you choose a dress that is common and can be found at a number of locations, shop around for a cheaper price. One store may have a significant price reduction for the same gown when compared to a different store.

Choosing a gown is usually fun. Take your time, and try on as many as you want. This is a very special time, and enjoying it is key to getting a gown you like.

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